YOURLifeChoices provides information for Australian senior citizens 50 years and over – health, wealth, travel and work.

Articles and photos published in YOURLifeChoices.

YLCConserving a great place (Winter 2010)

“The setting for our treasure hunt is spectacular – a rainforest with giant ferns, towering 300-year-old trees and lush moss-covered undergrowth. As I stroll along the boardwalk, admiring this ancient world, I momentarily forget my task of searching for flowering indigenous plants. The prickly currant bush, the austral mulberry and the musk daisy all have seeds hidden inside flowers or berries – tiny treasures that we’ll collect today for future use in re-generative projects, ultimately helping conserve and protect our environment.”

Acts of creation (Winter 2010)

“Her portrait of Glenn A Baker won Nafisa not only a place on the Archibald Prize shortlist, but also the increasingly popular Packing Room Prize, selected by the staff who unpack and install the works competing for Australia’s best-known award for portraiture.”

YLCWalk this way (Autumn 2010)

“Approaching Hinchinbrook Island by boat is an awe-inspiring experience. Towering granite peaks rise dramatically from the deep blue ocean while dense forests dominate the lower slopes of the mountain.”

YLCBirds of a feather (Spring 2009)

“Joining the group of excited volunteers, I wait patiently by the dock. At the end of the landing there’s a flock of pelicans and, as our boat approaches, they are startled into flight. Regal and iconic, the birds swoop gracefully away, skimming the water, until they disappear over the horizon. It’s a great start to my eco-tour with Conservation Volunteers Australia, which promises incredible wildlife viewing combined with some hands-on conservation work on Montague Island.”

YLCBuckley’s choice (Winter 2009)

“In 1995, after briefly retiring from teaching, Graham Buckley left Victoria to take up a solo teaching position at a remote outstation in Central Australia. This ‘sea-change to the desert’ was the beginning of an involvement with Indigenous communities that continues today.”

My life as a travel writer gone bung? (Winter 2009)

Arriving home from an extended overseas trip always feels strange. Having experienced a lifestyle not ruled by the clock, suddenly everything seems so regimented. Get up. Shower. Eat breakfast. Catch a train. Mutter a mandatory curse about your local public transport operator. Arrive at work to spend the next eight hours sitting at a desk. Only this time it’s different.

YLCWoman on wheels (Autumn 2009)

“Arriving at Lake Wendouree in Ballarat, I gaze in wonder at the colourful mass of cyclists. There is a group of eager schoolchildren, young lads decked out in the latest cycling gear, and a fit-looking couple on a tandem bike. Nervously I scan the crowd, feeling well and truly out of place. Can I really do this? And then, with relief, I see them – ordinary, average-looking types. I get on my bike and start pedalling, secure in the knowledge that there is a least one other chubby middle-aged woman in the pack.” This article was also published online by AMP. To read the full article click here.

A week in the West End (Spring 2008)

YLC“I’m something of a theatre tragic. I love extravagant big-band musicals, Shakespeare and all the classics. I admire shows that challenge the audience, or introduce new and inventive ideas. Quite frankly, I’ll watch anything that calls itself theatre. For several years I worked as an usher at Melbourne’s Regent Theatre, humming along to famous show tunes. So it’s hardly surprising that on a recent trip to London I decided to immerse myself in a week in the  West End.”

YLCKaren and the three bears (Autumn 2008)

“Only an hour’s drive from Croatia’s biggest drawcard, the Adriatic Coast, Kuterevo is a magical place, yet not many people have heard of it. I’m immediately inspired by its old-world charm and by its location, a valley surrounded by spectacular mountains. An old woman herds a flock of sheep across the road, pausing when she sees us to call out “dobar dan – good afternoon”. Already I’m in love with this village.”

YLCBallytobin, Ireland (Spring 2007)

“My arms are elbow-deep in a sticky mush created by the juicing machine as it devours countless apples. Taking a break to taste the syrup, I listen to Sean airing his opinion about the IRA. Suddenly he bursts into song, ‘…and the band played Waltzing Matilda…’, chosen specially for me. I’m in County Kilkenny, Ireland participating in a short-term voluntary work camp at Ballytobin…”


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