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Hayley Plozza & Wes HalykHear the Call of the Wild! Make a Wildlife Experience Your Next Big Adventure! (22/11/2010)

Mention great wildlife experiences and most people immediately think of Africa. It’s the place where you go to see the Big Five – lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards and buffalo – and that’s completely understandable.

Despite increasing loss of habitat (which is an ongoing struggle) Africa remains the only place where you can go on safari in the vast game parks to witness the Big Five (if you are lucky), as well as wildebeest, zebras, giraffes, wild dogs, warthogs, baboons, fish eagles, and plenty of other wildlife.

You can go game viewing in the Okavango Delta (travelling in dug-out canoes known as mokoros); you can walk with juvenile lions in Zambia; you can trek to see the mountain gorillas in Rwanda or Uganda; and you can view wildlife in Tanzania by floating over the Serengeti National Park in a hot air balloon. Check out our previous Explore the World article, Amazing Adventures Across Africa, for more about Africa’s wildlife.

But there are also other great wildlife experiences on offer around the world. To read the full article click here. Photo courtesy: Hayley Plozza and Wes Halyk

VolunteeringVolunteering – The Best Way to Gain Insight and Explore Other Cultures (27/03/2010)

Volunteering is an incredible way to gain an insight into another culture and at the same time give something back to the communities you visit.

ExplorerGirls Ambassador Karen Graham shares her experiences of volunteering with Conservation Volunteers Australia and Service Civil International, as well as chatting with Erin Courtenay, Communications Coordinator with Global Volunteer Network (GVN). To read the full article click here.

AlaskaAlaskan Adventures Offer Unforgettable Experiences (29/11/2009)

Alaska is such a diverse destination and a huge drawcard for adventurers seeking a wilderness experience. From the spectacular Inside Passage to the icy world of Glacier Bay, Alaska is a haven for wildlife. There are whales, seals, grizzly bears, wolves, moose, caribou, ground squirrels, hoary marmots, and Dall sheep. Outdoor enthusiasts can explore by bike, kayak, or canoe, or go for a walk on one of the many hiking trails. Alaska truly is one of few wild places left in the world. To read the full article click here.

Start Planning Your 2010 Adventures Around the World’s Best Sporting Events and Festivals! (25/08/2009)

If you love watching sport just as much as getting out there and doing it yourself, why not plan your next trip – skiing, hiking, biking and exploring – around some of the world’s greatest sporting events and festivals? It not only offers you the chance to get inspired by some of the world’s best athletes, but also try your own skills and be part of the action.

Want to go snowboarding in Canada? While you’re there, check out some Winter Olympics action. Heading to France in July? You could easily catch a stage of Le Tour De France.  Whether it’s a major sporting event that catches your eye or one that is unique to the country you are visiting, there’s plenty on offer in 2010. To read the full article click here.

New ZealandAdventures on Foot; Spectacular Hikes across New Zealand! (24/07/2009)

There is no doubt that Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movie trilogy has increased tourism to New Zealand. Of course the country has always attracted adventurers. After all, bungy jumping, zorbing, jet boating and other adrenalin pumping activities originated here. But the films have definitely added to the appeal and it’s highly unlikely during any visit that you’ll be able to avoid hearing references to the Lord of the Rings. Here’s an example:

The Kawarau River in Queenstown is one of four rivers that make up the River Anduin in Middle-earth and it’s here that the nine companions canoed past the Pillars of the Kings (at the end of the first film). Just around a bend in the river is the historic Kawarau Bridge and location of the world’s first ever bunging jumping site.

Some Lord of the Rings tours combine walking with sight-seeing and, if you are really keen, you can pick up Ian Brodie’s book The Lord of the Rings Location Guide. Just a quick flick through its pages and you’ll realise that the film locations are everywhere, including the hiking areas around Milford Sound, Mount Cook and the Tongariro National Park. It’s also worth noting that actor Sean Bean often hiked for a couple of hours through snow – in full Boromir costume – to get to locations to avoid flying in the helicopter. Now that’s taking a fear of heights to a new extreme! To read the full article click here.

Great Vic Bike RideSee the World on Two Wheels; Cycle Your Way Around Australia and Beyond (06/07/2009)

Are you’re looking for a way to stay fit, see the world and be eco-friendly on your next trip down under?  You can burn calories instead of greenhouse gases while enjoying a solo or group tour on your bike in Australia and around the world.

The view of the world is vastly different from a bike. There is time to appreciate the scenery, inhale the goodness of fresh air and perhaps the scent of spring wildflowers. Due to your quiet approach, there’s a greater chance to spot wildlife and, most importantly, you can look after you own health at the same time as caring for the planet. What could be better than that?

Whether you cycle for a day or a week, go solo or travel in a group, the choices are endless. To read the full article click here.

Acacia tree at sunriseAmazing adventures across Africa (30/04/09)

When I think about Africa I think of the incredible wildlife, the amazing sunsets and sunrises, and the awesome adventures on offer. Imagine sitting in a truck surrounded by elephants, hot-air ballooning over a game park, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, or canoeing amidst hippos.

Africa. Even the name instils a sense of adventure. But it’s a land of contrast. For all its great beauty, there is a dark side. Conflict can ignite swiftly, famine and disease are sadly commonplace, and this vast continent has witnessed tremendous human suffering. For anyone travelling to Africa, these are some of the realities you may encounter. But it’s also an incredibly rewarding destination for those with an adventurous spirit. To read the full article click here.

Canadian RockiesHiking the Canadian Rockies; Wildlife, National Parks and Pristine Landscapes (05/04/2009)

Have you ever noticed how a trip into the wilderness quickly revives your spirits? Or felt the stress of your daily 9-5 grind dissolve away during a walk in the woods.

Naturalist John Muir expressed this phenomenon in his writings:
“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you like sunshine flows in the trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.”

Mountaineer Conrad Kain simply said, “I think myself fortunate amidst the peace and quiet of nature.”

For me, the best way to enjoy nature’s beauty is to drag out all my camping gear, don a hefty pack and set off on a hike. Away from the hustle and bustle, I can explore spectacular locations only accessible by foot, inhale the goodness of the forests and wildflowers, and if I’m lucky, spot incredible wildlife. To read the full article click here.


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