Bush Heritage Australia

Bush Heritage Australia is a non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting Australia’s unique animals, plants and habitats. My articles have appeared in brochures and Bush Heritage News.


Welcome! Friends of the Bush brochure.

Keelen Mailman is a traditional owner who lives at Mt Tabor Station in central Queensland. When Bush Heritage bought the neighbouring property, Carnarvon Station Reserve, the Bidjara people were able to visit this part of their traditional land for the first time in years, after having been denied access for decades. “It touched my heart seeing the joy on my old uncle’s face when he visited the place he’d lived as a child for the first time in years.” Our indigenous partners have been a part of the Australian landscape for thousands of years. Now we are working with people like Keelen to share precious knowledge, as well as our common goal of protecting the land.

Bush Heritage AustraliaThe yellow-footed rock wallaby (Autumn 2011)

Karen Graham takes a closer look at the beautiful yellow-footed rock wallaby, spotted recently at Boolcoomatta Reserve for the first time since 1924. Continue reading…

Bush Heritage AustraliaThe art of birdwatching (Summer 2010)

Glen Norris admits he almost laughed the first time he watched highly regarded ornithologist Dr Andrew Black mimic a bird call. But these days, when Glen, Reserve Manager at Bon Bon Station, is out on his own working in the vast expanses of the South Australian reserve, he isn’t averse to giving it a go himself. His knowledge of birds has grown dramatically over the last year thanks to some one-on-one training with Andrew. Continue reading…

Bush Heritage AustraliaNature farmers (Spring 2010)

Emma and Peter Ashton live a pretty different kind of life to most of us – they live on our Boolcoomatta Reserve, surrounded by vast treeless plains, silvery grey saltbush and prickly acacia shrubs. “There is such an incredible sense of space out here,” says Emma. “On a clear day we can see the curvature of the earth because we have a 180-degree view to the horizon.” Continue reading…

Bush Heritage AustraliaYou’re never too young to twitch (Winter 2010)

Hugh Harrold’s sixth birthday party was like any other children’s party – games, sweets, laughter and fun – except for one major difference. On the invitation, Hugh asked his friends to give a gold coin donation (instead of birthday gifts) to Bush Heritage. Continue reading…


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