Bicycle Network Victoria

Bicycle Network Victoria is a charity that promotes the health of the community. They work with their supporters to get “More People Cycling More Often” and measurably grow the bike riding world.

Articles and photos published in Bicycle Network Victoria’s magazine, Ride on.

Riding the trails (Autumn 2016)Ride On

“Just in time for some easy day-touring in the glorious conditions of autumn, Karen Graham suggests some of her favourite rail trails.” This article features rail trails around Australia, including the Great Victorian Rail Trail, the Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail, and the Great Southern Rail Trail. To read the article, click here.


Ride onSouth-west explorer (December 2011–January 2012)

“Driving from Koroit to Warrnambool on the Great Ocean Road, we are psyching ourselves for a wild and blustery ride. In typical Victorian fashion, the weather has changed from heavy rain to brilliant sunshine to softly falling drizzle in the last 15 minutes – and a comment from my niece, who lives locally, about ‘windy Warrnambool’ doesn’t inspire further confidence.”


Ride onEast Gippsland escapade (August–September 2011)

“Just after the summit we divert onto the Gippsland Lakes Discovery Trail, which follows an old tramline down the valley of the Mississippi Creek towards Lakes Entrance. It’s an exhilarating ride along a narrower trail hemmed in by a forest of stringybark and silvertop-ash trees. I inhale the refreshing scent of eucalypt and listen to the sounds of the birds overhead.”


Ride onThrough the red centre (June–July 2011)

“My head is chock-full of instructions – when you hit the sand, drop into a low gear and pedal furiously; on the corrugated sections, relax your wrists and don’t grip the handlebars too tightly; and most importantly, keep your mouth shut to avoid swallowing one of the 10,000 different insect species that live out here. I’m not sure if that’s an exaggeration, but Kakadu National Park has plenty of other wildlife, so why not.”

To read the full article click here.


Ride onDiscover some eastern magic (April–May 2011)

“For a path built to follow a freeway, Melbourne’s EastLink Trail doesn’t run alongside the busy road very often. Instead, it descends into beautiful valleys, winds its way through bushland and parks, travels alongside rivers and creeks, and skirts the edge of numerous wetlands.”


Ride on Trailing the Tour Down Under (December 2010–January 2011)

“The Santos Tour Down Under is the biggest professional cycling race in the southern hemisphere; each year attracting more and more of the world’s best cyclists. So when a couple of cycle-mad friends suggest a trip to the Adelaide Hills for a week of bike riding and watching, I jump at the chance. It’s not just a race, but a festival celebrating the absolute best of South Australia.”


Ride onRiding the Great Southern Rail Trail (August–September 2010)

“Planning a social bike ride in the midst of a Victorian winter is a risky proposition, especially when the destination is South Gippsland. It might just be a coincidence, but every time I visit this region the heavens open to gift the countryside with torrential rain and gale force winds. Today, as we drive from Melbourne to Leongatha, there’s a light misty rain and fog so thick that visibility is difficult on the winding hilly roads. I’m fervently hoping the weather will improve before I leave the warmth of the car and start cycling.”


Ride onDelightful Danube (June–July 2010)

“The Danube is at its narrowest here with forested slopes stretching high above us on either side of the river. As we round the bend to the quaint village of Erlau I glance across the river to the overgrown ruins of Krämpelstein Castle, perched on a rocky outcrop. It is an impressive sight and I have to resist the urge to pinch myself. This truly is bike riding heaven.”


Ride onGreat times Great Vic (April–May 2010)

“Speak to anyone who has experienced the Great Vic and you’ll find a unique story of challenging conditions, spectacular scenery and the discovery of new places. And most will talk of great camaraderie and friendship, a group of people bound together by the common goal of riding 500km. It’s a tapestry of thousands of stories woven together, creating a unique history and an iconic ride.” In this issue my photos were also published with Jon Miller’s article: Full steam ahead on the Bellarine Rail Trail.


Ride onRotto: island of bikes (February–March 2010)

“Taking a break from pedalling, we stop on the crest of a hill and gaze out to sea. There’s the reef, the sea and the sky – a trio of intense blues, broken only by splashes of white, yachts of all shapes and sizes floating in their own patch of paradise. The view is nothing short of postcard-perfect and exactly what I’ve come to expect of Rottnest Island after only 24 hours on its shores.” In this issue I was the ‘Where to Ride editor’.


Ride on

In this issue I was the ‘Where to Ride editor’ and my photos were published with Andrew Bain’s article: Riding the Icefields Parkway, December 2009-January 2010.  


Ride onThe great escape (October–November 2009)

“From Christmas in the bush, to rolling hills with a scent of strawberries, to sunsets in the desert, Karen Graham tells the stories of three Bicycle Victoria members who founds themselves in the most unexpected places.”


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