Adore Animals

Adore Animals promotes a culture that protects, respects and cares for all animals.

Articles and photos published in Adore Animals.

Adore animalsUganda Wildlife Safari with Mountain Gorillas (2008)

“‘You are about to enter the Impenetrable Forest,’ says our guide, and the excitement and nervousness of our group is palpable. Even the name evokes images of the deepest darkest jungle, concealing another world and another time. When George Schaller, author of The Year of the Gorilla, first came to Africa in 1959, the local Bantus people still avoided the forest, fearing wild animals and evil spirits.” To read the full article at Adore Animals click here.

Adore AnimalsIn focus: James Morgan (Winter 2007)

“From shooting news stories for a Fleet Street newspaper in the UK to photographing celebrities and their pets in Australia, James Morgan has turned a childhood dream into a jet-setting career.”

Adore AnimalsA second home: Adopting from shelters (Autumn 2007)

Each year in Australian shelters it’s estimated well over a hundred thousand animals are euthanased, the majority of them cats and dogs. The single most positive influence people can have on reducing the number of killings each year is to be responsible pet owners. The other is to adopt from shelters. Although adopting from shelters is not for everyone situation or every person, as Karen Graham discovers, apart from the ‘feel good’ factor of saving a life, adoption from shelters can be successful, positive and rewarding.”

In focus: David Darcy (Autumn 2007)

“On Australia Day 1999, David Darcy quit his job in hospitality to pursue photography. He had no definite plan, only a desire to experience more of life. Eight years on, he’s a successful photographer and author, renowned for his unique images of dogs at work and play in the vivid Australian landscape.”

Volunteering for conservation (Autumn 2007)

“During spring, hundreds of seals perch on the rock of Montague Island in southern NSW. In the surrounding waters, Humpback Whales breach and perform acrobatics during their annual migration, while thousands of Little Penguins waddle ashore to breed.”

Adore AnimalsMilo – a special wish (Summer 2006/2007)

The Make-A-Wish Foundation has been granting wishes to children and young people with life-threatening illnesses since 1985. Children often wish for contact with animals – through visits to zoos or farms. Sometimes, though, they wish for pets, as Karen Graham discovered when she spoke to wish recipient Phillip Guilford.

Wild art profile: Christian Pearson, Wildlife Photographer (Summer 2006/2007)

Wildlife photographer Christian Pearson is not only passionate about his work, but also about his subjects. A trip to Africa six years ago rekindled his childhood love for animals and ultimately determined the future direction of his work. In the first of our In-Focus series on photographers, Christian spoke to photojournalist Karen Graham.

Adore AnimalsWild: Botswana (September-November 2006)

In the middle of Botswana’s Kalahari Desert, there’s a vast wetland. It’s called the Okavango Delta, and it’s the largest inland delta in the world – over 16,000 square kilometres during the wet season. Its source is the seasonal flooding from the highlands of Angola. The water travels via the Okavango River before spilling into the desert sands, creating a maze of lagoons, islands and swamps. Known as the ‘Jewel of the Kalahari’, it’s a paradise for wildlife.

Adore AnimalsWild: Kimberley and Top End (June-August 2006)

As the sun touches the Indian Ocean a camel train meanders along the beach. Travellers ready their cameras, preparing for the perfect shot – camels in silhouette – the quintessential image of Broome in northwest Western Australia.

Adore AnimalsWild: Alaska (March-May 2006)

Carved by glaciers millions of years ago, the Inside Passage of Southeast Alaska is renowned for its remote islands, wildlife-filled fjords and forested mountains. Small communities dot the shoreline, many accessible only by boat or plane. Located on the upper Inside Passage is Alaska’s state capital, Juneau. This is the departure point my two-day excursion into World Heritage-listed Glacier Bay National Park, and the place to see abundant wildlife.

The accidental pet-sitter (March-May 2006)

For some reason pet-sitting jobs find me without any effort on my part. I’m what you might call an accidental pet-sitter. Once a work colleague offered me six weeks accommodation in return for looking after her two cats, Boris and Murphy. It was a win-win situated as I needed a place to live and the cats would be safe in the comfort of home.

Adore AnimalsWild: Tanzania (December 2005-February 2006)

Thousands of flamingos cluster together, a shimmering pink mass on the surface of the soda lake. Some move sideways in a frenetic dance, others bob up and down feeding on algae. It is late afternoon and the sun casts a golden light as we walk across muddy shores to approach the flamingos. They take to flight. An explosion of pink briefly obscures the sky before they settle back on the lake well away from us.


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