Published work

Below are cover thumbnails and brief excerpts from some of my published works.

Mufti, March 2016Mufti_March2016_Cover copy

Since early 2011, I have been the editor of Mufti (the Victorian RSL member’s magazine in Australia). This issue featured the 2016 ANZAC Day liftout; unveiling the Lemnos Gallipoli Memorial; and helping veterans get back to work.

For more on Mufti click here

Ride OnRiding the trails, Ride on, Autumn 2016

“Just in time for some easy day-touring in the glorious conditions of autumn, Karen Graham suggests some of her favourite rail trails.” This article features rail trails around Australia, including The Great Victorian Rail Trail, the Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail and the Great Southern Rail Trail. To read the article, click here.

For more on Ride on click here.

Rail Trails, Jetstar Magazine, September 2012Jetstar - Rail Trails

As I pedal slowly up the hill towards Cheviot Tunnel between Molesworth and Yea, I have to remind myself that this is hardly the Tour de France. After all, rail trails are built in abandoned railway corridors to avoid steep hills and there’s really no excuse for my being so sluggish. To read the full article click here.

For more on Jetstar Magazine click here.

Get LostGorillas Uganda, Get Lost, December 2010 (issue #27)

“Setting off from the rangers’ quarters with seven other adventurers, I can scarcely contain my excitement.My heart is pounding and I’m full of nervous energy. But our guide is relaxed. He leads us to a moss-covered log bridge, smiles broadly, and declares, “You’re about to enter the Impenetrable Forest.””

For more on Get Lost click here.

Conserving a great place, YOURLifeChoices, Winter 2010

YLC“The setting for our treasure hunt is spectacular – a rainforest with giant ferns, towering 300-year-old trees and lush moss-covered undergrowth. As I stroll along the boardwalk, admiring this ancient world, I momentarily forget my task of searching for flowering indigenous plants. The prickly currant bush, the austral mulberry and the musk daisy all have seeds hidden inside flowers or berries – tiny treasures that we’ll collect today for future use in re-generative projects, ultimately helping conserve and protect our environment.”

For more on YOURLifeChoices click here.

Bicycling AustraliaGreat Victorian Bike Ride, Bicycling Australia, Mar-Apr 2009

“Squinting through the swirling dust I could barely make out the direction of the road as it turned to rise above the drought-stricken lakes. Atop the hill I saw cyclists lying on the ground, exhausted. But I forced myself to peddle on. After cycling 50km into a relentless headwind I was in no mood for these desolate lakes, which seemed intent on joining forces as one gigantic dust storm. I was desperate to get out of the wind and silently cursing anyone that had ever uttered the word ‘holiday’ in reference to this bike ride.”

Hear the Call of the Wild! Make a Wildlife Experience Your Next Big Adventure! Explorer Girls, 22/11/2010Hayley Plozza & Wes Halyk

“Mention great wildlife experiences and most people immediately think of Africa. It’s the place where you go to see the Big Five – lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards and buffalo –and that’s completely understandable.” Photo courtesy: Hayley Plozza and Wes Halyk

For more on Explorer Girls click here.

Adore animalsUganda Wildlife Safari with Mountain Gorillas, Adore Animals, 2008

“‘You are about to enter the Impenetrable Forest,’ says our guide, and the excitement and nervousness of our group is palpable. Even the name evokes images of the deepest darkest jungle, concealing another world and another time. When George Schaller, author of The Year of the Gorilla, first came to Africa in 1959, the local Bantus people still avoided the forest, fearing wild animals and evil spirits.” To read the full article at Adore Animals click here.

For more on Adore Animals click here.


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