African sunsets

Matopos Hills, Zimbabwe

Matopos Hills, Zimbabwe

As the sun drops lower in the sky, I gaze out the window of the overland truck, trying to commit everything to memory. It’s my second-last day in Africa and I really don’t want this moment to end. Nor do I want my travels in Africa to be over.

The landscape surrounding us is mostly rural; cornfields stretch to the horizon, there’s a spattering of acacia trees and a couple of ramshackle huts. It’s not a particularly remarkable sight…

…but, there’s this golden light slowly working its magic… transforming that mundane scene into something truly breathtaking… changing its hue, getting progressively darker. It’s another masterpiece by nature.

Of course, sunsets and sunrises are always beautiful, no matter where they occur. But, what can I say, photographers notice the light and, for me, Africa owns the world’s best sunsets!

Here are some of my favourite photographs.

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