Bula! Faces of Fiji

I recently travelled to Fiji to escape Melbourne’s winter and enjoy some warmer weather. The plan was to sit by a pool and read as many books as possible, without expending any energy. But, of course, that didn’t happen. I’m not the kind of traveller that finds it easy to just laze around at a resort (even though it always looks great on the brochure). Seeing beautiful places, meeting interesting people, trying new experiences… perhaps add in a bike ride or a hike… this is generally what travel means to me.

So, after a day or two at the resort, I began to explore and, a week later, I came home with memories of Fiji that are less about a tropical paradise and more about the wonderful people I was fortunate to meet.

We enjoyed cultural performers and fire dancers each evening at the resort, but the highlight for me was a visit to the traditional village of Navala. We journeyed through coastal towns and into the picturesque highlands, and then got to spend a few hours with the locals. On arrival in Navala, we donned sarongs, removed our shoes, hats and sunglasses, and then entered the bure (thatched hut) to take part in the sevu sevu and kava ceremonies. Continue reading