Give me white nights

“Everything was an adventure, at night, when you were where you shouldn’t be, even if it was somewhere you could go perfectly well in daylight, and it was then only ordinary.”
Robin McKinley, Pegasus


This year I attended my fifth consecutive White Night Melbourne! It’s an event I adore. The lights. The colour. The noise. I even love the crowds. Because this is a predominantly happy group of people who love delving into the artistry and creativity that is on offer; non-stop entertainment for 12 hours from 7 pm to 7 am. It’s sublime. It’s weird and wacky. It’s so imaginative. If you haven’t yet been, put it in your calendar for 2018.

We began our White Night adventure at the stunning Royal Exhibition Building and made our way slowly south to Flinders Street Station. Here are some of my photographs from the night, with accompanying text from the White Night Melbourne website!

The Pyrophone Juggernaut

“Based on a 250-year-old experimental musical instrument, the Pyrophone Juggernaut is the largest hand-operated, multi-octave, fire organ in the world.”



“The Pyrophone Juggernaut’s voyage is a tightly choreographed percussive extravaganza. Sub-frequency metallophones, industrial drums, fire-infused truck horns, acoustic bells and a giant gong join in creating this incandescent conflagration of sound and fury.”



“Nebulous is a towering kinetic sculpture inspired by imaginations of the earth as seen from the moon – a living jewel floating in space, a throbbing jellyfish or a cell dividing!”


Rhythms of the Night

“For the Sleepless Night, Artists in Motion explored the four stages of sleep … binding the audience together in a collective dream. Beginning with moments of reality, it dissolved into the surreal before flying, running, falling through dreamy illusions that shattered abruptly when ‘real world’ interruptions – babies crying, sirens, loud music – occurred.”





Fingers of Light

“Fingers of Light is choreographed to enhance and highlight both the shot tower and Melbourne Central’s glass atrium ceiling.”


The Night Garden

“The Night Garden grows out of a powerful dream vision inspired by the influential medieval poem The Romance of the Rose, by Guillaume de Lorris. Germinating from the seed-inspirations of the gilt patterning on illuminated manuscripts, this spellbinding garden’s evolving vistas, glens, fountains, labyrinths, vines and arches transform the walls of the State Library, creating a unique atmosphere of enchantment and romance.”


Fractured Fairytales

“Rich and vivid imagery with characters and stories every child will know and love will be projected onto buildings along Flinders Street, from The Forum Theatre to Chapter House. But these Fractured Fairytales will feature twists and visual references to give them a contemporary and adult appeal as well!”



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