Three Capes Track

“We ought to take outdoor walks, to refresh and raise our spirits by deep breathing in the open air.” Lucius Annaeus Seneca, On Tranquillity of Mind

The Three Capes Track was dubbed by Lonely Planet as the world’s hottest new travel experience – even before being officially unveiled on Monday 21 December 2015. This multi-day, 46-kilometre, walk leads hikers through some of Tasmania’s most spectacular natural landscapes, including incredible clifftop views from Cape Pillar and Cape Hauy. There are also stunning views of Cape Raoul – the third cape of the track’s name – however, this section is still under development.

Several years ago, my friend Mary and I hiked to Cape Pillar and Cape Hauy. The trail was badly overgrown and the hike was particularly challenging – but it was so wonderful and exhilarating. These are some of the highest sea cliffs in the Southern Hemisphere and the trail often came dangerously close to the edge. At the time, we knew plans were underway for the Three Capes Track and we were glad to explore the area before it became overly popular and somewhat expensive.

The cost for Australia’s newest iconic walk is $495, with accommodation provided in deluxe huts. From what I understand, there is only one camping site for a very small number of tents and this has, understandably, caused some uproar because not everyone will be able to afford the price tag. However, if you can afford it and want to do a very special hike, this is definitely one I would recommend. Bookings can be made at

Day hikers can still get to Cape Hauy, Cape Raoul and other points of interest, and this is also very worthwhile.

Here are some photographs and links to my articles on hiking in this area.

To read about my hike to Cape Pillar, click here.

To read about hikes from Fortescue Bay, including to Cape Hauy, click here.


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