Vancouver: Stanley Park

“Originally home to Burrard, Musqueam and Squamish First Nations people, Stanley Park was not one designer’s grand scheme but an evolution of a pioneer city’s hopes and dreams; a place for its citizens to recreate themselves through active sport or peaceful relaxation.”
City of Vancouver

Having decided to travel back to Vancouver later this year, I thought I’d spend the next few weeks writing about my favourite things to do in and around Vancouver – and sharing some of my photographs of those places.

Top of that list is cycling around the Seawall in Stanley Park.

Stanley Park is a 1000-acre oasis situated on the north-western edge of downtown Vancouver. The park features beautiful gardens and forest areas, picturesque ponds and pristine beaches, and over 27 km of trails – for walking, cycling and mountain biking. The park is also home to the Vancouver Aquarium and Totem Poles – and at Prospect Point there are spectacular views of the northern mountains and Lions Gate Bridge.

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Supernatural: it’s more than a television show – Part 3

“Where the hell are we, anyway?

Dude, we’re not even in America…” Dean Winchester

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and there is so much to see and do, especially for first-time visitors. But for Supernatural (SPN) fans it’s even more special because this is where ‘our show’ is filmed; where Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles have portrayed ‘our boys’ Sam and Dean Winchester. So I guess it goes without saying that location hunting is high on the agenda.

Fortunately, there are some iconic spots that are easy to find such as St Andrew’s-Wesley Church, which was used during season two’s Houses of the Holy. This is located just across the road from the Sheraton Wall Center, where the convention is held, and there are plenty of other locations within walking distance of here.

When I started to write about the Salute to Supernatural convention in Vancouver, I thought it would be one blog, not three. And it could have been more, which I guess just means that I had the most amazing time. In this final installment I’d like to share with you some of the other fun SPN-related things I did either side of the convention weekend. This includes Russ Hamilton’s location tour and the VFX non-con. If you’d like to read the previous parts to my story, please click on the links (Part 1 & Part 2).

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Supernatural: it’s more than a television show – Part 2

“Supernatural fans are very respectful. I got lucky to be on a show that has such cool fans. No really, I want to reiterate that – on a day to day basis if someone comes up to me, they’re respectful, intelligent, and they ask great questions.” Jensen Ackles

“If we’d ended up becoming a hit show with 20 million viewers, it wouldn’t be as great an experience, because our fans would be nameless and faceless and get lost in it. We meet them at conventions, we recognize them and remember them, and they feel like a real family to us.” Jared Padalecki

This isn’t really a convention report but rather a collection of my memorable moments from the 2013 Salute to Supernatural in Vancouver (VanCon). It continues on from last week’s blog about why I fell in love with this show and its fandom … and how it continues to enrich my life. I congratulate you in advance if you manage to read through to the end. It seems that once I start writing (talking) about Supernatural (SPN), I can’t shut up.

It’s hard to describe a SPN convention to anyone who hasn’t been – or anyone who hasn’t watched the show – but I think it’s really just a big celebration. It’s the opportunity to meet the actors, talk about the show, and hang out with like-minded people. And, for those who’ve been to previous events, it’s like coming home to this crazy and loveable extended family.

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Supernatural: it’s more than a television show – Part 1

“It’s impossible to talk about the continued success of [Supernatural] without speaking to the role the fans play in this – so committed, so knowledgeable, so opinionated, so giving – they truly are the fuel that drives us not to settle.” Jeremy Carver, Supernatural writer & showrunner

In August last year I travelled to Vancouver to attend Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural. Those who’ve been reading my blog for a while will know that Supernatural (SPN) is a television show that I’m somewhat passionate about (see my blog How far would you travel for a convention, festival or special event?)

For SPN fans, Vancouver is their Mecca! The show is filmed there, so it makes sense that international fans, like me, who may only get the chance to attend one convention, will travel there to meet some of the stars of the show. There’s also the unique opportunity to go on a location tour with Russ Hamilton, SPN’s Location Manager, for those lucky enough to get a ticket (as they sell out within hours of being released).

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