Photo story: Vancouver

Vancouver is my home away from home; a place I love…

Horseshoe Bay

These are two of my favourite photographs. They were taken in Vancouver and they both adorn a wall in my home, so this beautiful city is never far from my thoughts. Over the years, Vancouver has become my ‘home away from home’… because my brother lives in Horseshoe Bay with his family. For me, there’s nothing better than hanging out in Horseshoe Bay, which has a village atmosphere even though it’s part of a city.

My other favourite pastime is cycling around Stanley Park, which is where I took the photograph below, along with the many other trails around the city.

Stanley Park

I have just spent two more weeks in Vancouver – hiking the Grouse Grind, visiting Capilano Suspension Bridge (for the first time), wandering around Gastown, exploring Steveston and, of course, hanging out in Horseshoe Bay. It has been wonderful to be back.

Now I’m headed to the USA for a hiking trip in some of the big national parks, so my blog will be a little less frequent for the next month. Happy travels… and I will return soon.


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