Wildflowers in the west

“The earth laughs in flowers.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Western Australia wildflowers

Many years ago, while I was living in Perth, a friend took me on a weekend trip to see the Western Australia wildflowers. What I remember most about that weekend was the colour – yellow and white everlasting flowers carpeting the hills and valleys; sunshine streaming through the clouds to cast soft light on the barren scrubby landscapes; sunset warming the red earth tones; sunrise giving everything a pastel glow; and a rainbow above saturated green fields. There were also splashes of brilliant colour alongside the road or dotted amongst the blanket of everlastings – wildflowers in various shades of pink, purple, blue, red, orange and yellow.

We stayed at Thundarella Station (situated midway between the towns of Yalgoo and Paynes Find), camping out under the stars, and stretching our legs on walks amongst the wildflowers. There was a goanna lazing in the sunshine. We also discovered a junkyard; the broken down car surrounded by flowers was a particularly odd sight.

Western Australia has a broad climatic range. More than 12,000 wildflower species emerge during five months of the year; one of Australia’s longest wildflower seasons. August/September is the best time for locations north of Perth, where I travelled, but in the south it can be as late as November. Locals have been known to refer to the rolling fields of white everlastings as Western Australia’s ‘snow season’.

Some of the other wildflowers that can be seen include wattles, kangaroo paws, banksias, grevilleas, purple peas, orchids, milkmaids, honeypots, yellow native hibiscus, bluebells, sticky cassia, mull amulla, native fuschias, and many more. I’m hopeless at identifying them, but really loved taking these photographs. I’d highly recommend travelling in Western Australia during the wildflower season.


4 thoughts on “Wildflowers in the west

    • Thanks! Even I didn’t know about the carpet wildflowers until I spent a year living in Perth. I was very lucky to be invited to join a friend’s group; and they go every year for a weekend of enjoying the wildflowers 🙂

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