New Year’s Day

Can I tell you how much I love New Year’s Day? With an entire year stretching ahead like a blank page in a brand new notebook. Empty days to be filled with exciting adventures of my choosing. A story waiting to be created. Anticipation of the unknown and the unexpected. New experiences to be welcomed with wide-eyed joy and child-like enthusiasm.


Travels in 2012 – My first visit to beautiful Fiji

I don’t know why, but this never changes for me, no matter what age I am. New Year’s Day always fills me with such optimism. I can reflect on the year gone by with fresh eyes, taking lessons learnt into the future and leaving behind any disappointments (of which there were very few in 2012). I can also look back fondly on my travel adventures of the previous year and begin to plan for those that will occur in the coming year.

Goulburn River High Country Rail Trail

Cycling in 2012 – Goulburn River High Country Rail Trail

Walhalla Goldfields Rail Trail

Mountain biking in 2012 – Walhalla Goldfields Rail Trail

Wineglass Bay

Hiking in 2012 – Freycinet Peninsula Circuit

Family in Brisbane

Impulse trip of 2012 – visiting family, Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions because they are always the same – exercise more, eat less, read and write more, find a way to travel more!! But last year I did make one important resolution that I successfully fulfilled. Create a blog!

For many years, I had put the idea of a website/blog into the ‘too-hard’ basket because I’m not at all confident when it comes to new technology. But I knew I needed an online presence to highlight my published work to potential employers (for my freelance writing, editing and photography) and I also wanted to get back into writing more of my own stories. Lately, in my paid work, I’ve been doing more editing than writing, so this was my way of getting back to creating for the pure love of it.

I’m so happy that I’ve ventured into the world of blogging. I may not have a huge following yet, but I’ve connected with a few others with similar interests and that has been a lot of fun. I love travelling and sharing my stories and I do hope I can inspire other people to travel, but ultimately this blog brings me joy whether or not anyone else reads it. So my New Year’s resolution for 2013 is to keep writing my weekly blog. Obviously, I have other resolutions – exercise more, eat less, read and write more, find a way to travel more! No surprises there!!

Horseshoe Bay

Destination for 2013 – Horseshoe Bay, Vancouver, Canada!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! May 2013 be full of peace, health, happiness and many adventures. Bring it on!


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