Photo story – Kimberley moment

The Kimberley is one of Australia’s most spectacular and remote wilderness areas. Its rugged landscape includes strange rock formations, deep gorges, waterfalls and aboriginal rock art. But one of my favourite photographic moments came at El Questro Station, when we were setting up our tents in the camping ground.

It was late-afternoon and the sun was dipping low on the horizon. I could hear the trickle of water from the nearby stream and glanced up to see this golden light across the top of the trees. I forgot about my tent, grabbed my camera and tripod, and clambered down a grassy slope to get to this spot.

Sure, this wasn’t one of those dramatic landscapes we’d seen in previous days, but it was an example of how the right light can transform a place that you mightn’t normally give a second glance… and it was one of my favourite moments in the Kimberley.

Have you had a moment like this, where you just had to drop everything and get outside to take a photo? It happens to me all the time.


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