Photo story – Lake Kariba

In canoes we silently paddle our way amongst dead trees that are emerging from the depths of the lake. Slowly the sun descends, seemingly moving faster as it approaches the horizon. Its colour is intense, as if we are watching a fireball light up the sky. There’s an orange glow enveloping the sky, which gradually turns red. As dusk takes hold, the mood is eerie. Ghost-like trees are silhouetted against a sullen red sky. It’s just another spectacular sunset in Africa, with the scene played out on Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe.

The story the photo doesn’t tell…

Back then, I wore prescription glasses. I was almost blind without them. And, when we set out in the canoes I was wearing prescription sunglasses. But, once the sun set, I realised I didn’t have my normal glasses with me. This meant I was basically blind after sunset – the journey back to our house-boat, in fuzzy darkness, was an adventure in itself.


2 thoughts on “Photo story – Lake Kariba

  1. There is no better holiday than a houseboat on Kariba. I consider myself very lucky to have grown up in Zimbabwe and had the chance to go on Lake Kariba several times. Those sunsets are the best!

    • We spent about three weeks in Zimbabwe and I feel very lucky to have had the chance to visit this beautiful country, when so many travellers haven’t been able to go there. Lake Kariba is certainly one of my favourite places and the sunsets were awesome! Thanks for your comment.

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